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A Whole30 Potluck

I’ve mentioned Whole30 here before as we have completed the program a few times over the last couple of years. During the thirty days of the program, going to an event involving food is one of the more stressful experiences. The whole time, you either have to ask questions about ingredients or scan the table of food to see if anything is compliant with the program guidelines. So, in hopes of redeeming the event involving a meal experience, we invited a bunch of friends who are participating in January Whole30 for a potluck!

It was everything I hoped it would be! The spread was amazing. And better yet, there was no anxiety over what we could eat. Everything was compliant!

Rachel Winchester whole30 hospitality living roomRachel Winchester whole30 potluck gatheringPotlucks are one of my favorite events to host! I love to see what foods and dishes others bring. Did I mention the spread was amazing?! The assortment of food people bring never disappoints! I usually find out what guests plan to bring just to make sure there’s a good variety of food, but I never fret over it too much. It always seems to work out. Here was our menu –

The Whole30 Potluck Spread:

Vegetable Medley
Salmon Cakes
Taco Casserole
Sweet Potatoes and Apples
Roasted Carrots and Brussel Sprouts
Sautéed Green Beans
Spinach and Carrot Salad
Roasted Green and Purple Cabbage


See what I mean?! Amazing! After eating, we all shared favorite recipes and were inspired to incorporate new meals into our plans. I can tell you, I will be making that chilli ASAP! Also, how cute are those little salmon cakes?!

I’ve heard people call Whole30, WholeHungry. And while there are times when I feel like I can’t get enough food, this potluck was not one of them. We ate to our hearts’ content. Oftentimes for me, feeling hungry is more related to my cravings for sugar or whatever habit I am used to rather than truly being in need of nourishment. That’s one aspect I love about Whole30, I don’t need to walk around shriveled up and starved. Eat all you want! Without thinking about carbs or calories, eat whole foods that nourish your body. It’s that simple!

This weekend marked the halfway point of this thirty day challenge. By now, we are through the most difficult days. For us, we have battled sickness the last two weeks so Whole30 has been the least of our worries. But, I already feel the positive effects of eating clean, namely, experiencing food freedom in a deeper way than ever before that has me motivated for further lasting changes, not only in what I eat, but also in the way I approach food in general.

Rachel Winchester whole30 potluck gathering

Happy Whole30-ing, friends! If you know others participating, I highly recommend gathering a group together for a potluck!

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