When You Want to Buy a House 

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The house two doors down from us went up for sale a month or so ago.

We didn’t think much about it as we weren’t on the market to buy a house. At all.

We have happily rented our Little Green House since January 2015, and plan to rent until we are debt free – hey, college education – and then buy a house.

But when we saw the house two doors down, we joked about buying the cute white house with an amazing backyard.

Then, we looked at the listing online and saw pictures of the house inside. It was a bit outdated but easily done. We need a creative challenge anyway!

Then, I went to Pinterest to help me figure out what I would do with the paneling in the family room and how to build a pergola over the back patio. You know, innocent curiosity.

Turns out, that white house already sold, and the new owners moved in this past weekend. At least that now removes the lingering thought of what it would be like if it were ours.


Since we signed our current lease in January of this year, we haven’t planned to renew the lease again. The house is too big, has poor insulation, and is not a good financial fit for us.

Like many other Millennials, we have a considerable amount of student debt. In order to pay down that debt sooner rather than later, we have worked toward living small but honestly rent only lets us live so cheaply. Buying a house actually helps us achieve our cause. Thus begins our quest to downsize.

We do not know the solution right now, and we are rather limited in our housing options, but as we have begun the downward slope of 2016, it is time to problem solve. 

We continue our housing search, and I will keep you up to date on any progress we make toward a solution!

Up to this point, I would have said I was happy renting. With our specific goals, renting has worked best for us at this time, and I was happy to rent.

But once we started talking about buying a house, visions of being homeowners filled my mind and the desire swelled and undermined the contentment I once felt.

Contentment never comes and settles in forever; it can be elusive at times, because contentment is cultivated.

With all the thoughts of buying a home, updating it, and making it our own, contentment in renting has been more difficult to find. 

It isn’t easy or natural, but day by day contentment is cultivated by choosing gratitude over want, choosing to see provision rather than lack. So while we continue to live in this Little Green House, I will choose and work to see the beauty of our life within these walls while being open to our next step.

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    1. I love your blog. I read every post ! I worked with Jesse as an orientation ambassador back in college and have enjoyed your transparency about your lives. This one especially was right on time , specifically the debt to income stuff and your beautiful words about contentment.

      Thanks for being so willing to share.

      1. Thanks for reading, Alexis! It’s good to know someone else out there understands.

    1. […] After my post last week about wanting to buy a house, a reader messaged me and referred me to a loan officer who got them into a home in the last year. A few days later, Jesse called the woman and turns out, we qualify for a loan. Like I said the other day, our current house is too big, has poor insulation, and is not a good financial fit for us. Buying a house, while taking on more debt now, would free us up to work hard at our student debt. So, once we learned we could qualify for a mortgage, we began the house hunt! […]

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