What’s Saving My Life :: Winter 2018

Last winter, I wrote a list of what was saving my life at the time. Again, I am revisiting this practice to recount all the good going on right now; all that is adding value in the everyday of winter.

Fresh Flowers

While I was still pregnant, I picked up a bouquet of pink carnations at the store because “what girl doesn’t want flowers on her birthday?” Since then, I remembered how much fun it is to have fresh flowers in the house!

Morning Reading

During the month of January, I got into the habit of reading each morning. Jesse got us Whole30 Day by Day books that have a reading and reflection for each day to keep you focused and mindful of the process. So, I read that each day as well as a chapter in a book of the Bible I am reading through. It always feel good to begin my day with quiet reflection, even if only 20 minutes!

January Whole30

This January, we did our third annual Whole30. This was our fourth Whole30 and third time we’ve done it in January. We love beginning the year with a reset. Plus each time we complete the program, we come out of it more refined in our food journey. This time was no different. During the holidays, I had heartburn almost continually since Thanksgiving. I wasn’t looking forward to spending my last month of pregnancy doing a reset, but I also knew I didn’t want to have heartburn for the last month either. Well, I think I might always finish pregnancy with a Whole30 reset! It was that good of an experience! I felt mental clarity, slept so well, and felt energized in those final weeks leading up to our daughter’s birth.

Food Freedom Forever

In the same vein, Whole30 creator, Melissa Hartwig, wrote a book called Food Freedom Forever. I read it during the last bit of our Whole30 and felt super inspired to embrace her mindset and vocabulary about food all the more. She doesn’t moralize food, and she knows our relationships with food are a journey. I highly recommend the book!

Wool Dryer Balls

Our clothes were becoming the most staticky clothes in the universe, and it had officially been forever since I got new wool dryer balls. So, it has been a beautiful thing to have six fresh wool dryer balls and to no longer have all the static in all our clothes.

Refreshed Bathroom

While waiting for a baby, we refreshed our bathroom. It was the one room in the house that needed a little touch of magic. The one with unfinished projects and make-do finishes. So, Jesse painted the ceiling white, and we replaced the old shower curtain and bath mats. And I hung a wreath and a couple pictures. The room went from dreadful to enjoyable! Why do we always wait forever to do the simplest things?!

Epsom Salt Baths

Toward the end of pregnancy, I started taking epsom salt baths regularly. Well the trend has continued postpartum. A morning and evening soak does my body so much good and feels like a quick trip to the spa when I light a few candles in the bathroom and turn off the overhead light. I discovered Dr. Teal’s Restore and Replenish scent. Actually, Jesse got it for me, and it is divine!

Coconut Water with Pineapple

Also, a just-had-a-baby discovery: we bought coconut water the day I went into labor because I read about how the electrolytes are replenishing. Well, it’s my new favorite obsession. We’ve blended it with teas and other drinks, and it’s quickly become my new favorite drink.

Amazing Postpartum Care

Lastly, what truly is saving my life right now is the most amazing postpartum care. I’m so thankful to have my husband at home for these first three weeks as a family of four. He truly pampers me and takes care of all my needs. I’m glad once I get past the initial week to ten days, that he will still be home once I’m well enough to go on walks and be a little less bed-ridden.

Being Outside

Always, always, always. Getting outside – even if only to walk around the yard for ten minutes – clears my mind and makes the world feel big again. The cold and rainy January days make it difficult sometimes, but it’s always worth it to find pockets of opportunity for fresh air.

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