What’s to Love About a Mother’s Helper

A few months ago, a friend from church asked me if it would be helpful for her eight year old daughter to come over for a few hours once a week during the summer to help watch Benji as a “mother’s helper.” I had heard of the term before and know a few families who had done this. But I had never considered it for myself. So, we settled on a day and time, and her daughter, Ruby, started to come over for a few hours each week.

At first, it was a slow start. Benji hadn’t spent much time with her so it took a couple of weeks before he really warmed up to her. But now, he knows her and loves her!

Whenever he sees her he lights up and recognizes her as special. I tell him when she is coming over so he anticipates their time together. In fact, one week recently, when Ruby arrived, Benji turned away from the door and led her into the house, eager to play!

Rachel Winchester mother's helper

These summer months of Ruby being my helper for a few hours has been delightful! Not only is it nice to have another set of hands to help; I also enjoy her company.

We usually eat lunch together soon after she arrives. She and I talk about all sorts of topics and happenings. It is enjoyable to spend time with a child who can carry on a conversation after being with a non-verbal toddler all the time.

And now, knowing I will have a second baby in six months, I feel reassured knowing that I already have an extra set of hands willing to help me. Ruby calls herself “vice-mom” and takes her duties very seriously. She asks about the baby. Conversations we have cause me to look forward to her continued presence and influence in our family life.

Rachel Winchester mother's helper

Now that school is starting back, she won’t be coming to our house as often. But, I look forward to times when she can come over in the future.

I never considered having a mother’s helper for myself. Ruby coming to our house has been informal, but I am so thankful she comes each week. There is so much to love about having a mother’s helper!

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