4 Easy Tweaks to Refresh an Uninspired Space

Do you ever get bored with a space in your home? Have you felt uninspired when you walk from one room to the next?

Everyone’s home feels uninspiring at some point or another, even if it wouldn’t look that way from the outside. You might walk into the room and see all that you haven’t finished. Or, you are simply tired of the layout or artwork. It can be something small. It can be a big looming project.

But, the question is, what do we do when we encounter an uninspired space? I have a few suggestions, four tweaks, to help you infuse your uninspired space with freshness and inspiration again.

First, I thought I’d share an area of our home I’ve tweaked many times since we moved into our house: the mantel. We moved into the house right before Christmas, so I first decorated the mantel for Christmas. Then, I was stumped and everything felt boring afterwards. Slowly, I found a look I really like! Once you know the tweaks, you can see what I did to change the mantel along the way!

1. Clean Out

Be honest with yourself about what you use and what you actually like. A good question to ask when cleaning out can be “Is this useful? Do I consider this beautiful?” And most importantly, consider the true purpose of a space. Maybe a room or area feels uninspired because it doesn’t have purpose or its purpose isn’t being fulfilled. Cleaning out can help you see the space with new eyes and clearly define a purpose before adding in furniture or making decisions about its design.

2. Shop the House & Rearrange 

Maybe you don’t want to get rid of anything particularly. Perhaps the thing no longer belongs where it has been. The arrangement might not be working for you anymore. That’s alright! It can become a bit like “When You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” but swapping artwork, moving lamps, rearranging furniture, changing out the pillows can go along way in refreshing an uninspired space.

3. Add Green

I’m always going to be an advocate for bringing plants into a space. This summer, I’ve had most of our houseplants on the porch, but recently, I needed to bring them all inside. I couldn’t wait for the cold weather anymore! The house overall felt like an uninspired space without the added greenery. Once I brought the plants back inside, the house feels alive again!

4. Finish a Project

Maybe you’ve been meaning to paint a room or refinish a piece of furniture. Perhaps it is as simple as printing family pictures and hanging them. Finish a lingering project remains open-ended, and your space will feel like a more inspired space.

Rachel Winchester tweaks for an uninspired space

If you have an uninspired space you want to refresh, I hope these four tweaks help you in the process. I always love to freshen up places in our home. It helps keep the space working for us and keeping us cozy.

Even though I recently shared it with you, our family bedroom has felt a bit uninspired lately. So, I used some of these tweaks to breathe fresh life into the room. More of that to come soon!

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