Practicing Gratitude for the Home You Have

Since sharing our plans for Benji’s big boy room, I’ve had people follow up and ask me how it’s coming along. I love that people remember what we are working on and are interested in the project! However, we haven’t made progress. And, I shared our plans over a month ago now!

With unfinished and lingering projects throughout our house – from small things to whole room-sized projects – it can be really easy for discontentment to build up in my heart.

To become disgruntled.

To be fearful that we won’t have the means to complete the projects we desire to do.

To focus so much on what isn’t done in our house, only see lack when there is actually abundance.

Can you relate?

I recently picked up “Love the Home You Have” by Melissa Michaels. She blogs at The Inspired Room, and I enjoy following along with her, though I’ve never read her books until now. In the introduction, she gives a few suggestions for how to jump start your journey of contentedly living in the home you have. One of those ways is gratitude – to list three reasons to be grateful for your home.

Once we start working within our limitations rather than wishing them away, we are making forward motion toward living a contented life at home.

– Melissa Michaels

And so, today, I wanted to pause all the thoughts of what our house could be and consider what it is and how to love it as it is. Here are three ways I am thankful for our home:

  1. Provision :: A little over a year ago, before we even looked at houses, we didn’t think we could even qualify for a home. But then we did and we found our current house. The mortgage is much less than we were paying in rent! And we’ve enjoyed the process of renovating this house. It was a surprise and a gift that had allowed us to learn and cultivate a place to be as a family.
  2. Reflection of our family :: Along those lines, having a home and being able to make decisions about paint color and flooring and decor has provided an opportunity to reflect our family through the space we create. While we consider what’s currently popular, we also enjoy creating a space that reflects who we are and what we value. That process is a discovery, but I love that we get to explore that process as homeowners.
  3. All the things we were looking for :: This house is everything we need at this time in our lives. After renting a house over 1500 square felt with theee bedrooms and two baths, we realized we didn’t want or need that amount of space at this time. In buying this house, we downsized to less than 1000 square feet. We use every inch most days, but still have plenty of room without losing our minds with upkeep. As we downsized our space, we also decluttered to find what is truly essential for our home. I’ve loved that process and am thankful for how this house nudged us further in the direction of living more purposefully and more simply.

Wow, taking a few minutes to reflect on gratitude for our home shifts my perspective. Despite all the work that is undone, our home is a gift. And I don’t want to forget all I’ve been given through it this last year.

Perhaps you have felt discontented in your home at times. Take a few minutes to pause and consider how you can practice gratitude for the home you have. Share in the comments your own gratitude!

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