Make Way for a Baby

While pregnant, nesting hits hard early on with the urge to simplify and organize. Both times I’ve been pregnant, we’ve cleaned out the entire house and had a yard sale! Then I’ve proceeded to go through every closet organizing and making sure everything we still have has a place that makes sense and works for us.

I thought I’d share some of the projects we’ve completed while making way for a baby this time around.

We cleared out all the closets. We have four closets in our house: a closet by the front door, a small hall closet, and a closet in each bedroom. I really felt the need to narrow in on the purpose of each closet and streamline their uses. A lot of stuff either got thrown out or put up in the attic through this process.

Now, the closet by the front door is exclusively for cold weather outerwear and fitness equipment (weights, exercise ball, yoga mats). The hall closet holds all the household items from bedding to medicine to our vacuum and some of Jesse’s tools. Our bedroom closet is just for our clothes. And then the other bedroom closet – the biggest closet of the four – is more of a storage closet. It holds home decor I’m not currently using but want to have accessible, as well as a craft box and other odds and ends of that sort.

It feels good to have each area pared down so that they are working for us without stuff jumping out at you when you open the door!

We also refreshed our bathroom! It may not look like much, but it is so much better than it was!

When we first worked on the bathroom, we painted the ceiling black. Long story short, we’ve spent the last year frustrated with the incompleteness of our bathroom. It was updated as far as flooring, vanity, and toilet go; however, it was the place in the house that had been let go. We hit bumps in the road trying to finish it, and it became a bigger and different project than we originally expected.

So, we finally resolved to paint over the black ceiling, freshen up the room, and not try to do anything dramatic.

It’s amazing the power of white paint, a new shower curtain, and fresh bath mats. The power of a new shower curtain alone was a miracle to behold but all together, the bathroom finally feels finished and like it belongs.

I can now have a baby in peace!

I recently shared how we moved our tv into the attic for a time. That experiment afforded us the opportunity to play with the arrangement of our living room. We bought two blue velvet armchairs we found at a thrift store. We started to clean them then one things led to the next, and the whole room was rearranged!

We are loving the way the space truly is focused on conversation and connection. And that it feels less brown than it used to!

Finally, we made a little space in our room for our baby girl.

With Benji, we discovered we are a bed-sharing/co-sleeping family. We prefer to keep baby close in the first year, starting in the bed with us then moving them to their own sleeping area still in our room. Benji slept in a pack-n-play at the foot of our bed for a good six months or so until recently moving to his own room.

So we decided to get a more permanent and prettier option. We got Babyletto’s mini-crib and rearranged our room a bit to make space for it beside our bed. Though she won’t sleep in it much at first – unless she really likes it – I can’t wait to see a little baby girl peeking through those rungs!

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