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Life-Giving Practices – Winter 2017

The other day, I shared how my new habit of making dinner in the morning is saving my life right now. Modern Mrs. Darcy invited people to join her in sharing a list of what’s saving our life these days so I am back to share a few other life-giving practices and discoveries that are saving my life right now.

In South Carolina, we have had our fair share of sunshine this past month so I feel like I can’t speak much about the January blues. However, the middle of winter can be difficult to break through so this list is a way to practice that contemplation on the purposefully simple things in my life that are giving me life, adding value to my everyday experience.

But few of us stop to note what’s giving us life. Taylor says it’s too good a question to not revisit every once in a while: what are the things—big or small—that are saving us?

Rachel Winchester life-giving practices simplicity

Daily Walk

Walking has always been my favorite form of exercise. Active without being strenuous is right up my alley. However, I lost that practice in the heat of summer and the chaos of moving this fall. Benji’s schedule is more rhythmic these days which gives me more opportunity to stroll with him around the neighborhood.

We live in a historic neighborhood so I love to walk and observe the variety of architecture and design. Then dream about what I would do to change various houses. It’s a fun game to play and gives me an opportunity to be with Benji but not have to follow him around the house or keep an eye on him while I get a task done around the house. Something I have noticed lately is it is really easy to distract myself while out walking by looking at my phone the whole time, texting or scrolling through social media or blog hopping, but I seek to be mindful as I walk.

A walk is so much more refreshing and life-giving when I breathe deep, am conscious of the wind blowing against my face, the cool afternoon air, and my feet falling into the pavement and lifting off once again.

Rachel Winchester life-giving practices simplicity bullet journalBullet Journal

I have known of bullet journals for a while now, but never bit the bullet! (I’m sorry – I can’t resist that joke right now!) But, my organization needs got a little out of hand. I felt like I had a collection of journals, planners, and notebooks to organize my life which was a little too much. So, about midway through January I tried it out in a half-used Moleskine journal. After I began, I loved it and ordered a better journal. I love having a place to record everything I need to have on hand during the day. Maybe I will write a more detailed post about this one day, but for now – bullet journaling is saving my life.

Rachel Winchester life-giving practices simplicity

Quieting the House

Toward the beginning of January, I shared how we quieted the house using a new framework. We have continued to quiet rooms which has led to empty walls and other challenges, but letting the house breathe helps my soul find room to breathe a little deeper and not feel hemmed in on every side by stuff. I’m growing more and more desirous of purposeful living whether it be in the food I eat, the way I decorate our home, the places I go, and the clothes I wear. I want it all to tie to a deeper purpose.

Rachel Winchester life-giving practices simplicity

Reading Everyday

I enjoy reading a lot, but I don’t squeeze in as much reading as I once did. Chalk it up to a baby or more responsibility or plain ole distraction. Whatever the cause, I try to make time to read each day.

I rarely read one book at a time so I currently have two books going right now. I am reading Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I like to read fiction before going to bed. The story of the March girls is endearing and sweet. This is my first time reading the book, and I am enjoying it so much! I don’t read every night before falling asleep, but I try to read at least a few pages before falling asleep. I hate the feeling of rushing off to bed, so when I do read, it makes such a difference!

I have also been reading books about home-making and the woman’s role in the Christian home. It helps me feel like I have a mentor coaching me on a regular basis. Reading saves my life by helping me feel less alone in my experiences. It gives me someone else to look to and oftentimes I hear a resounding, “me too!”, which settles my heart and puts me at ease.

That’s a list of a few things saving my life these days!

I would love to hear if any of these are giving you life right now. Or if you have something else in mind, share it in the comments! It’s always a good practice to share these new practices and discoveries with others. Here’s to life-giving living!

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    1. Such a great list! I love bullet journaling and a good walk outside, I’d also love reading everyday but University is hard sometimes. 🙂

      1. I understand! Reading everyday doesn’t always work out, but it is so good when it does!!

    1. Love your list and your photos are beautiful!
      I’ve wanted to try bullet journaling too, but have yet to make an attempt. Your weekly layout looks very doable – not like the super intimidating ones I’ve seen on instagram. There are just too many options out there that it makes my head spin, so I just quit before I begin. I may try again though.
      Things that are saving my life – warm, fuzzy anything. Really good books. The library. Coffee. Slowly decorating my house (we’ve been in it for five years, and I’ve barely started.) Yoga. Coffee cups. Finding a daily routine that works for me.
      Happy halfway through winter!

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