Kid’s Room Progress :: A Blank Slate and Design Plan

A couple of weeks ago, I shared that we are making our second bedroom into a big boy room for Benji! Since then, we’ve made progress plus, I have a more detailed design plan to share.

Jesse had the weekend off last week and so he used the evenings to paint the room. We don’t have any baby gates so he couldn’t paint during the day. He waited until Benji went to bed for the night and then started painting! It was kind of an ordeal, but he got the job done. And it looks amazing! We aren’t sure why we didn’t paint the walls white to begin with. We asked ourselves that question many times over the weekend.

Mostly, this second bedroom didn’t have a distinct purpose when we first moved into the house. I was also craving color at the time, tired of the bland walls of our rental. Wanting to be bold and use color so we chose to paint the room blue. But, now all is well with the world, and the walls are white.

From One Blue to Another

Funny story, the second bedroom walls were actually blue when we bought the house. We painted them a darker blue, but it really didn’t change it much. We also updated the fan!

So, here’s the room before. Dark blue walls – it was a pretty color, but it made the room feel small. It is only 10’x11′ so we don’t need any paint colors making it feel smaller than that!

A Fresh Coat of Paint

And here is the room painted white!

We used the same color from throughout the rest of the house – Valspar’s Blanched Pine. It’s a nice white that especially warms up in spaces with a lot of natural light. And this bedroom gets a lot of light. Especially at the end of the day, right before sunset, the light floods into the room. It’s one of my favorite things!

As you see, we already have a twin mattress and pack and play in the room, but otherwise, it is empty. And the pack and play is only in there occasionally. I’ve started taking it in there some days for Benji to nap and get acclimated to the space. But otherwise, he still sleeps in our bedroom. We won’t officially make the move to his bedroom until it’s finished, or at least close to done. The main goal is for him to be moved into his room a few months before the second baby arrives so that his moving out of our room isn’t directly connected in his mind with the arrival of a new baby.

Starting with What We Have/Had

Now that the walls are white, I am ready to do all the things! I have most of the decorative items for the room, but we still need to buy a few pieces of furniture and window shades. In the meantime, I wanted to share my plan!

I removed the animal print rug from the dining room a few months ago, because I was vacuuming it all the time. And, I wanted to quiet the space. Well, since then, I’ve decided I prefer the dining room without a rug so that I don’t have to take care of the rug. So, we will use that rug in Benji’s room!

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I’m keeping things pretty similar to how his nursery turned out in our old house. I’m using the same wall hanging, and actually, not-so-funny story, we are going to get the crib again.

I say again, because we sold it and the changing table when we moved. Benji was nine months old and never slept in the crib, and we didn’t have a place for it in the house. Plus, Jesse was going to have to disassemble it in order to fit it through a bedroom doorway. So, we decided to consign it instead of keep it. Until this point, we didn’t think anything of it and were happy when it sold a few months ago.

However, as we discussed the room and Benji’s current needs in a bed and how we would use it in the future, a crib made the most sense! The Sniglar crib from Ikea can become a toddler bed, but provides a confined space in the meantime.

It’s hard to not be frustrated with the situation a little bit, because if we had kept the crib, the room could be set up for the most part already. But, instead we have to wait. Sleep has been one of more experimental parts of our parenting journey, and so we didn’t know what the next step would be until we reached this point. Anyway, here we are. Time to get a crib!

Big Boy Room Design

We’ve got white walls, a birch colored crib, cowhide rug, and southwestern wall hanging.

I wanted to incorporate a kids table and chair set into the room. I found this traditional looking one with a nod to the modern side of things on Wayfair’s website.

In my search, I also found a crib sheet that fits the color pallette beautifully without being too matchy-matchy. I love the way it brings in the blue and burnt orange! And it’ll look great against the birch wood of the crib.

Benji needs a dresser in the room, and Ikea has this three drawer pine dresser that will fit nicely under the window. I’m not sure if we will stain it to contrast with the bed a little or keep it the original pine color. But, I like the simplicity and natural look of the dresser.

And I also plan to incorporate a big ship painting Jesse and I got at a local flea market. It echoes the same colors but with a focus more on the blue and brown. It will hang above the crib.

Bedroom Layout

While choosing all the design elements, I also worked on the layout of the room. We are using a twin mattress set as a lounge area that doubles as a guest bed when we need it. Also, when the time comes, we already have the next stage prepared. So that when Benji is older and the second baby is ready to move out of our room, we have a place for both Benji and the other baby to sleep. That will make that transition a lot easier!

Otherwise, the room is pretty basic and simple.

The kid table will go in the middle of the room – ish. And the dresser will go under the window behind the closet door. Depending on storage needs, I may incorporate a bookshelf on the wall beside the crib. I’m hoping we can build a platform for the twin bed that provides storage for books and toys under the bed.

I’m excited to continue working on the room and especially can’t wait until it’s complete for Benji. I hope he loves his new and very own space!

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