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Favorite Ikea Finds in Our Home

The day before we moved into our home, we took a trip to IKEA in Charlotte to stock up on a few essentials to help us make the most of our small square footage. Now that we are more settled in and have lived with these things for a few months, I thought I would share them with you and give a little review of the items.

Gjora Bed

I had my eye on this bed for a long time, because of its shape and height and simple lines. I envisioned it as the focal point of our bedroom. When Jesse put it together and set it up in our bedroom, it looked exactly how I hoped it would.

Before we bought the bed, I researched the mattress situation a little bit. We were in need of a new mattress and so we planned to buy one at Ikea. To be honest, I was a little nervous about it. I couldn’t find any reviews on the mattress we planned to get and was worried it would be too firm.

I happy to announce, the bed is quite comfortable. On one of the reviews I read, it mentioned the mattresses are not ideal for side sleepers. Well, hello, I am a side sleeper most of the time, especially snuggling and feeding Benji. So, I usually fall asleep on my stomach so I am not on my side all night long. Maybe this is too much information, but if someone is thinking about getting an Ikea mattress, I want to help them out. Ours is a spring mattress and not the highest grade, but we have still been happy with it.

Rachel Winchester ikea favorite findsHektar Floor Lamp

One weekday, Jesse went to Ikea while in the Charlotte area. He stopped to get the curtains and fixture in our dining room, but also brought this lamp home with him too. And I am so glad he did! This was one of the items I included on my list of what’s to love at Ikea. And I still love its scale and more industrial feel.

The nature of task lighting is that it can be quite bright and direct. So, oftentimes, we rotate the shade back so that it shines into the corner of the room and provides indirect light that is softer and not so harsh on the person sitting at that end of the couch.

Rachel Winchester Ikea favorite finds hektar floor lampSinnerlig Pendant Lamp

I envisioned our dining room as a modern space balanced with some bohemian flair. Once we found the Danish inspired table and Bertoia chairs, I wanted the light fixture to be natural and bring in that boho vibe I was looking for. After I found the Sinnerlig pendant light at Ikea, I couldn’t think of anything else. The curtains also helped bring in that whimsical feeling to the room. It is already small so I wanted to reinforce that experience by making the room refreshingly cozy. Rachel Winchester ikea favorite finds sinnerlig pendant

Grundtal Kitchen Cart

Our kitchen does not have countertops and cabinets on either side of the oven. When we bought the house, we weren’t sure if we would try to find a more permanent option or something more temporary. We landed on the non-permanent option and bought Ikea’s Grundtal kitchen cart, one for each side of the stove.

We store our pots and pans on the shelves and in the bottom drawer. And we use the top drawer to store spices on the left side and food prep spoons and oven mitts.

Rachel Winchester ikea favorite finds grundtal kitchen cart

When we first set them up, we kept more items on the top of them. However, over time, we enjoy less stored on the surface so it can be used more fully.

My kitchen needs a deep cleaning right now plus Benji plays with the carts a lot if he is in the kitchen with me. But, the stainless steel seems to hide a good bit.

Rachel Winchester ikea favorite finds grundtal kitchen cart

Poang Chair

This chair was first designed forty years ago – it’s an Ikea classic. My parents bought the chair for me as a Christmas present, and I sit in it every day now. Most days, it is the first place I sit down in the morning to take a few moments to drink my coffee and read while I watch Benji play.

I chose the black and white floral pattern to add interest to the room without stealing attention from the brighter colors in the rug. I wanted that to remain the statement piece overall.

The chair is comfortable to sit in though I prefer to have a pillow behind my back for extra support. And I wouldn’t want it without the ottoman. Game changer!

Rachel Winchester ikea favorite finds poang chair

All the Ikea Curtains

The curtains in our first house hung to the baseboards which was okay since the baseboards were thick and prominent, but we decided we wanted the curtains in this house to go all the way to the floor. All of Ikea’s curtains – or all the ones we purchased – come in 96″ panels. Plus, they are much more cost effective than comparable ones I found. So, we bought all our curtains at Ikea. Keep in mind we only have twelve windows in our entire house, and only ten of them have curtains on them.

Rachel Winchester ikea favorite finds curtains
Rachel Winchester ikea favorite finds curtains
I am happy with the curtains – the materials and patterns we selected throughout the house. However, I am not a huge fan of tie-backs and so I sometimes struggle with the way they hang. But overall, I am pleased!

Ikea helped us find solutions for small space challenges as well as add flair and personality to our home with our limited budget. While I enjoy collecting one of a kind pieces over time whether from family, flea markets, or thrift stores, I also appreciate the one-stop shops that help us make our house a home.

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