How to Make an Herbal Wreath for Fall

Every once in a while, my neighbor and I are outside at the same time. This especially happens on days the weather is perfect and we both are hard at work in our gardens. We talk plants, and a few times she’s given me seedlings or plants from her yard to put in my own. We are garden friends. She moreso takes the role of mentor, and I am the student, eager to learn her ways.

One day recently, we talked about herbs. We both have small herb gardens, but I had a few questions. “Are herbs perineal or will I need to collect seeds from them for next year?” So on and so forth. Then as we continued, she mentioned how she planned to make a wreath with her rosemary.

The heavens opened at that moment. I felt completely inspired to do the same!

Rachel Winchester seasonal herbal wreath I actually had been lamenting my little herb garden. Not because of it – all of our herbs have grown amazingly well. Much better than any previous attempts we’ve made with them. And so it was a pleasant surprise to see them all grow so well. I loved gathering fresh basil to make pesto a few times this summer. But I didn’t make big batches of pesto before the basil flowered and missed my chance. I let so much mint go to waste. You see what I mean. I felt as if I may have wasted all that bounty.

And so, when my neighbor mentioned the herbal wreath, I rejoiced! I hadn’t missed my chance or wasted the herbs!

If you’ve been around for a while, you know I run a small wreath shoppe during Christmas. I’m not sure what that will look like this coming year, but moments like these remind me how much I enjoy making a simple but beautiful decoration for our home.

Simple Herbal Wreath DIY

Wreaths are super easy to make! Rest assured.

Nothing fancy – I sat on my kitchen floor to make a few wreaths. Any flat surface where you are comfortable will do.

All you need is a wire form – could be one like this from a craft store! Grab some floral wire and wire cutters, and you’re good to go! (I use the wire cutters to cut both the wire and the greenery. Gets a little sticky sometimes, but otherwise is super convenient.)

Rachel Winchester seasonal herbal wreath

Rachel Winchester seasonal herbal wreath

Once I made the rosemary wreath, I thought of all the lavender in my herb garden! So I gathered up a handful of lavender, and I made a lavender wreath as well.

As you can see, I had an eager assistant who also liked the idea of a lavender wreath!

Rachel Winchester seasonal herbal wreath

Rachel Winchester seasonal herbal wreath Rachel Winchester seasonal herbal wreath I love the softness of lavender’s leaves. It’s beautiful and so fragrant, but not overpowering.

Wreath Making Tips

So, a few tips in case you are making a wreath for the first time:

Don’t worry about doing it the “right way”.

If you worry about this it will take all the fun out of it, because making a wreath is a very organic activity. There isn’t a pattern to follow. You just lay the greenery onto the form and see what works and how you like it. The branch might have a natural bend to it. You might prefer lots of greenery layered on, or you might like a more sparse look. It’s really up to you! Make it how you like it.

Layer on then trim.

It may be tempting to cut every little twig to individual pieces, but you will get a nice, more natural thickness if you use branches with multiple sprigs. Of course, the pendulum can swing too far on the other end and the wreath becomes super bulky. But, usually I find it is better to layer on the twigs and then trim as I go. Focus first on the weight of the wreath and second on the shape. It’s easier to trim or tie back unwanted shoots than to keep adding more and more to the form.

Rachel Winchester seasonal herbal wreath

I’m still deciding where to hang the rosemary wreath, but I hung the lavender wreath above our bed.

If you’re looking for a simple but stunning touch as you cozy up your house for fall, look no further! Grab a handful of herbs, and make an herbal wreath! You will be so glad you did!

Rachel Winchester seasonal herbal wreath
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