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The Front Porch: A Place to Relax and Play

I’m sorry if I never stop saying this, but I am forever thankful for the outdoor spaces we have at this house. This front porch is no exception! The other night, Jesse and I sat on the front porch after putting Benji to bed. We both reflected on how we bought the yard and the porch – the house simply happened to come with it! That’s a bit of an exaggeration. But truly, the outdoor spaces of this house won our heart at first and keep on winning it.

The weather recently started to warm up which means the cool mornings and evenings have already been a sweet relief.

We originally planned to make a bigger change on the front porch. However, we had to alter our plans. We chose to take care of the basics and save the more elaborate projects for later.

So, we were not able to paint the house at this time, and we didn’t get a few other items we originally planned on. But, we were able to create a space that serves our needs for now. I would have made different decisions about the rug and cushions knowing the house would stay the off-white color it is. So, the rug is a little outside my comfort zone, as I prefer cooler, more subtle tones, but we are making it work, and Jesse likes it.

Rachel Winchester front porch jungalowRachel Winchester front porch

We bought the rattan bamboo furniture before we ever knew we had this house for sure. But, I found it for a great deal on Facebook Marketplace and couldn’t pass it up!

We needed to replace the cushions on the chairs and love seat as they were quite worn and an ugly pattern. For a while we thought we would have new cusions custom made. Honestly, I didn’t know what we were looking for or the best route to finding it. But as you can guess, custom cushions were going to be a little too expensive for our budget. We found these deep seated cushions and pillows at Target that fit perfectly. Target has a reasonably priced selection.

Swapping the cushions made all the difference in freshening up the front porch!

Rachel Winchester front porch bohemian

My main objective for the front porch was to create a place for me and Jesse to relax and Benji play. I started by bringing some house plants from inside. They are much happier now outside in the warmth and sunshine, as well as the humidity we’ve had lately.

Spider plants, a variety of tropical plants, and a snake plant are on the cabinet. On the opposite side, we have a fern and a couple plants in the philodendron family, and a rubber tree which I am hoping will grow a lot this summer. The biggest plants on the porch are a philodendron monstera and a palm tree. And then we added two hanging plants – one Swedish ivy and the other looks to be in the succulent family, I believe. It has multi-colored blooms. And, I plan to add a few mosquito plants before the bugs come out in full force.

Rachel Winchester front porch

Like I said in the my initial post about the front porch, I went through multiple stages to simplify the space. At first I tried to incorporate way too much furniture. But once I found the proper arrangement, the porch started to feel right. Though I got rid of a lot of furniture, I did want to incorporate a small side table.

We found this honey bamboo table at the flea market a few weeks ago for $2! The front right leg is a little messed up, but we try to embrace imperfections around here. (Wink, wink!) We felt like we struck gold with this find! Perfect height and size, plus it provides a bit of storage on the porch which I’m sure will come in handy as we use the space more.

Rachel Winchester front porch rattan furniture

Rachel Winchester front porch bohemian

As I decided how to use the cabinet, I considered what we would use it for. So, I wanted it to be covered in plants as well as provide a drink station and storage for some of Benji’s toys.

Benji’s toys are behind the cabinet doors. I created a drink station on the biggest shelf while using the smaller side shelves for an ice bucket and glasses. Then the rest of the area, I covered in plants and candles. I want to put plants on the lower shelves but have to find some that lay low so they aren’t hitting the top of the shelf. Also, I will have to keep Benji out of those plants. I am still deciding if they are worth it this summer!

Rachel Winchester front porch

I’m already to invite some girlfriends over. Make sangria and a sweet treat then enjoy time together on the front porch! Who’s coming?!

Rachel Winchester front porch bohemianAnd so this is where I repeat once again – I love our outdoor space. I’m thankful for a place to be outside!

I hope you have your own area to cultivate and enjoy the outdoors this time of year!

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