Six Favorite Summer Time Children’s Books

In the last six months, Benji has taken to reading a lot more than ever before. When he was a little guy, he chewed on everything, especially board book bindings. So I had to put those books away. I was a little nervous he wouldnt care about books since I didn’t read to him everyday from birth. But turns out, that’s not the case! He loves books, especially these summer time children’s books!

They aren’t summer themed necessarily. But they are books with summer time activities and ideas.

One of my favorites is A House by the Sea by Joanna Ryder. I actually grabbed this book by accident when I was pulling books by Cynthia Rylant off the shelf. But this book became a favorite because of the main refrain: “If I could live in a little house, I’d live in a house by the sea.” Yes, please!

Also, the book has a dog on almost every page so Benji appreciates that as dogs are his current obsession.

Rachel Winchester favorite summer time children's booksRachel Winchester favorite summer time children's booksSo, I can’t take credit for finding these books. I use lists from Sarah MacKenzie of Read Aloud Revival. All her book recommendations are gold. I always reference her.

She introduced us this month to Cynthia Rylant. We borrowed two of Rylant’s books from the library: When I Was Young in the Mountains and The Relatives Came. Both books are delightful, especially because the illustrations are beautiful in each book!

I do not mind reading these books over and over again, because they are lovely to look at. Rylant’s writing is also excellent. When I Was Young in the Mountains has great rhythm and repetition. While The Relatives Came is filled with fun phrasing emphasizing the joyful chaos that comes when relatives visit!

Rylant also composes her books with details that evoke vivid imagery. I found myself delighted with some of the ways she phrased experiences as well as moved by little details included. I can’t wait to read more of her books!

Rachel Winchester favorite summer time children's booksRecently, I learned about a whole bunch of books by Eric Carle I had no idea existed! Including The Very Busy Spider and The Very Lonely Firefly and The Very Quiet Cricket. We borrowed a couple from the library, but now we own them because a friend gave them to us. As Eric Carle’s books always do, they teach in some way while also filled with vibrant, colorful images!

Rachel Winchester summer time children's books

Just as I enjoy eating seasonally, I like reading books with Benji relevant to the current season. The hot days, the endless bugs, and the travels to be with family. I hope reading books relevant to the season open his eyes to see the complex and beautiful world around him.

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