Rachel Winchester family photos at home

Beautiful Ways to Display Family Photos at Home

I love seeing homes where family photos are displayed! Growing up, the walls of our family room were loaded down with family photos. Individual portraits of us kids, my parents on their wedding day, grandparents during their engagement, extended family on Mother’s Day, my brother with the boy cousins, and loads more. I loved constantly seeing our family. All the familiar faces, the context of our own family story.

While I’m figuring up ways to add more family photos to our walls, I wanted to share some of my favorite inspiration for incorporating family photos into a home’s design.

Rachel Winchester family photos at home
Rachel Winchester family photos at home
Nowadays, I take more pictures than ever before, but I do less with them. As far as printing them and making a photo album or hanging them on the wall. When I took pictures with my old school 35mm camera, I printed every picture. And growing up, I often plastered my walls with all sorts of photos I had recently taken.

I’m nostalgic for those days of printed pictures and seeing family photos on the walls.

Rachel Winchester family photos at home
All of these pictures come from people I follow on Instagram. I love seeing the different ways people display photos special to them. Sometimes, it doesn’t even require anything more than tape to get started!

I think displaying family photos, whether in a frame on the table or in a gallery wall, adds life and context to the home. We are so much more than individual selves.

Each of us is born into a family with parents and probably siblings. We have grandparents and aunts and uncles. I love that family photos keep those people present and give them significance, as if to say, “this is where we belong.”

Rachel Winchester family photos at homeRachel Winchester family photos at home

Lately, I’ve taped up family pictures in the hallway where I’ve wanted to incorporate them for a while now. I also have in mind some big blown up pictures in our dining room. And then, I’d love to add little pictures here and there.

What’s your favorite way to incorporate family photos in your house?


(First photo originally featured by Apartment Therapy on their Instagram account April 12, 2017)

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