Our Cozy Family Bedroom Makeover

I’ve been meaning to share our family bedroom here for a long time but never got around to it. Now that we are transitioning Benji into his own room in the next couple months, I wanted to share it before it begins to change!

I call it our family bedroom, because we all sleep in it together. After Benji was born we realized we prefer to bedshare for the first year or so of our baby’s life. So, the master bedroom became the family bedroom, as everyone sleeps in it together!

When we bought this house, our bedroom was a beige box like most of the rest of the house. The floor was carpeted, but we hoped there would be hardwoods underneath. Since there were hardwoods in the room’s closet, we felt confident they’d be under the carpet. And they were! Jesse and his dad pulled up the carpet, removed all the nails, and made the floor look really pretty.

Besides removing the carpet and cleaning up the wood floors, otherwise all we did was paint and replace the ceiling fan.
Rachel Winchester family master bedroomRachel Winchester cozy family master bedroom

When we bought this house, we were renting. I was tired of the bland walls and not being able to personalize every inch of our home. I also wanted rooms to be bold and make a statement, to not shy away from dark walls or bright colors. Hence, the dark charcoal wall color. We chose Sherwin Williams Black Fox, and I love it! It has exactly the effect we hoped for!

Since the walls are so dark, we wanted to create some contrast with the bedding and curtains. We stuck with the light bedding we already had. The moment I saw the Guora bed from Ikea I loved it. The sculptural elements of it drew my attention. I especially like that it has a strong presence without being bulky. That is especially important when the room is 10’x14′!

The floral curtains add a nice contrast against the dark walls. Jesse even chose them! The red and muted blue and green in them inspired me to use those colors in other parts of the room such as the rug and a few planters.

Rachel Winchester cozy family master bedroomSince we use the room as a family bedroom, we needed storage to the max! We found this nightstand with lots of drawers as well as two chest of drawers.

Because I wanted the bed to be the focal point, I painted the nightstand and Benji’s dresser the same color as the walls to create that low contrast look. When we bought them, the nightstand was a mustard yellow and the dresser was a muted light blue. The color was nice, but it created too much contrast against the wall. Ever since painting the chest and nightstand, I have thought of painting them a dark green color found in the rug that would still blend into the wall but provide more contrast. However, for the time being, they are charcoal and will stay that way for a little while.

For the art in the room, I kept it simple for now. Jesse and I found this print at a Christmas pop up shop last year. I bought a frame at Michaels and voila! I’m also working to incorporate more family photos around the house. A picture from our wedding day seemed fitting for our room. I’d love to add pictures of our family as it grows to the top of the dresser. And, of course, a plant!

Rachel Winchester cozy family master bedroom

We got a second chest of drawers from a local vintage shop. It looks like wood but is actually only covered in wood. The inside is metal which made for an interesting move. But it’s a fun vintage piece we really love!

Rachel Winchester cozy family master bedroomRachel Winchester cozy family bedroomThe room has a somewhat wonky layout. While mostly rectangular, the doorway cuts into the room a few feet. So, there wasn’t really a good way to center the bed. We tried moving the bed around and placed it against every wall, but ended up liking it best against the outside wall. This layout makes the bed the focal point of the room which is exactly what I’m going for. We aren’t able to have a nightstand on one side of the bed – or would need a really small one – but for now that is alright. With a baby sleeping in the room, neither of us do much reading in bed or need a nightstand.

Rachel Winchester cozy family bedroomRachel WInchester cozy family bedroom

And for one final view of the room! Rachel Winchester cozy family bedroom

I really love the way it turned out. It truly became the bold space I wanted it to be with room to grow and develop as we live here longer. Isn’t that the way it goes? It takes time to learn a space and figure out how it best works for you.
Rachel Winchester cozy family bedroom


Wood/metal chest of drawers: Whim Studios Greenville

Nightstand: flea market find

Bed: Gjora Bed Frame from Ikea

Curtains: Ingmarie from Ikea

Chest of drawers: thrift store find

Wooden Plant Stool: vintage

Mirror: Target

Framed Print: Winsome Easel

Wicket chair: someone’s roadside trash

Pink planter: Anthropologie

Lamp: Vintage base; Target lampshade

Photos courtesy my friend and photographer, Lauren Curry

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