A Vision for Benji’s Big Boy Room

I’m beginning to understand the excitement I’ve heard from others when creating a space for their little ones! Before we had Benji, we created a nursery for him complete with crib and changing table. However, soon after he was born, we realized we would not be using the crib as much as we anticipated, if at all. We prefer to bedshare for much of the first year and then transition into a toddler bed. Lesson learned! Rather than create a nursery for the new baby, we are concentrating our energy this time around on a big boy room for Benji so there is room in our bed for our new little baby.

Preparing for another baby looks like giving Benji his very own space. And I am so excited about this project!

Our second bedroom has operated as a catch-all-storage-dressing-guest room since we moved last fall. Because it didn’t have a specific purpose, it ended up being a perpetual frustration. It was not stream-lined or realistic, and definitely not simplified.

Rachel Winchester big boy roomOne of our favorite pieces of furniture in the room is this green hutch that is over a hundred years old. It’s beautiful! It served as a main focal point in our first house, but never found a proper place in this house. As much as we love the green hutch, we had to let it go for the time being. We didn’t sell it! Just sent it away to Jesse’s parents house until we have a place for it in this or another house one day.

We decided to part with the furniture that was in that second bedroom and meet an actual family need – a big boy bedroom for Benji. This weekend, we cleared out the room and had a yard sale. Earlier in the week, we combed through each room and found a surprising amount of excess – household items, clothes, furniture, and decor.

Now that we have a clean slate of a second bedroom, we are in the process of getting a vision for the space to make a big boy room for Benji! An empty bedroom and house free of clutter has me feeling good and ready to make him his own space. Before deciding on all the specifics of the space, I’ve been working on the big picture vision for the room.

The Room’s Use Now

Honestly, the state of the second bedroom before this weekend sobered me with the realization that I wanted to have a clear purpose for this space. I was tired of it being a catch-all and ill-used. In the last two years of making a home with Jesse, I realize how easy it is to have these sort of places in the house. We had it in the kitchen of our first house as well as an extra bedroom. It’s so easy to hang onto stuff we don’t use “just in case” or to forget it exists altogether!

So, I’ve been thinking through the room’s use. It will primarily be where Benji sleeps – both at night and during the day for naps. But, I also want him to have a space to cozily sit and read, as well as play. A place for him to enjoy being that feels like his own.

However, the closet will still be used for general household storage. And even though we don’t need a full-blown guest room, it would be nice to have a place for someone to sleep in case we do have an overnight guest.

Room’s Use in the Future

Another consideration for Benji’s big boy room is that our family is growing. We don’t plan to be in this house for the long run, but we don’t have plans to move in the near future. So, I want to consider the needs of the space in the future as well. Once this second baby moves out of our bed and into its own, it will need a place in this room with Benji. Though we don’t need to have that bed ready immediately, I at least want to have it in mind so that we don’t have to completely rework the room when that time comes. It would be nice for that to be a more seamless transition without all the legwork of redoing a bedroom.

Rachel Winchester big boy bedroom vision

Color Scheme

I plan to use a few textiles I already have in Benji’s big boy room. So, I am basing the color palette off of those. However, no surprise here – they are largely neutrals mixed with blues! Family favorites!

When we decorated Benji’s nursery, we hung a blanket on the wall behind his crib. That will be a main focal point in this new bedroom with everything else working with it. I want the room to feel boy-ish even if we do have a girl next. It’s fun to make this Benji’s space, reflective of his wild, explorative, and laid back personality.

So, we will keep things natural and pretty neutral. I plan to use white, brown, and blue as the main color palette. Then, the muted burnt orange in the wall hanging will pop as the accent.

Rachel Winchester nursery neutral color palette

Nesting has officially settled in and I am ready to get work done! We have to make the most of all this second trimester energy before I have a watermelon for a belly!

The next step is to paint the room with a fresh coat of white paint! I can’t wait for this space to come together and Benji to have his very own big boy room!

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