Rachel Winchester big boy bedroom

Big Boy Room Reveal

It’s been a little while since I have been in this online space. Around the holidays, I got burnt out on all the activity and hubbub. To participate in something else felt a little overwhelming. So I spent the last three or four weeks pulling back, getting to a good mental space, and reenergizing from the busyness of December.

Right around Thanksgiving, we finished Benji’s big boy bedroom! He got a cold after Thanksgiving so we had to postpone thebig move until after he was well again. But once he made the move to his own room, he has happily slept in there through the night ever since.

When we first finished it, anytime someone came to visit, Benji led them back to his room so proud of his very own little space. It made my heart happy that he knew the room to be his and that he wanted to share it with others! It gave me hope for a seamless transition (though I was still a bit nervous).

I shared some of our process in making Benji’s room over the last few months. You can find the vision and some progress along the way here.

Rachel Winchester big boy bedroom

Rachel Winchester big boy bedroom

Before I share too much of his room, I recently read a parenting book called, Simplicity Parenting. It will probably come up again and again, because it was so inspirational. The author showed how simplicity in every facet of a child’s life – environment, food, routine – aids them in developing as they ought in the cocoon of childhood. Though Benji’s room was pretty much complete when I read the book, I was reminded how important it is to keep the child’s environment – both their bedroom and the house at large – simple as to not over-stimulate them and provide plenty of opportunity for imaginative, open-ended play.

So many choices and so much stimuli rob them of time and attention. Too much stuff deprives kids of leisure, and the ability to explore their worlds deeply. – Kim John Payne

It’s especially interesting how Payne says “Too much stuff deprives kids”, because often that concern for deprivation is what causes people to buy more and more for children. However, a child will be deprived of a more valuable resource – namely leisure and imaginative play – by having too much stuff, not too little.

Rachel Winchester big boy bedroom

With that in mind, we kept things relatively simple in Benji’s room in regards to furniture and decor. After reading Simplicity Parenting, I revisited Benji’s toys with a fine-tooth comb. I kept a basket of books in his bedroom as well as a couple toys to have close at hand. He also received a table and chair set from Jesse’s parents for Christmas so that now sits in the middle of the room as well.

The only furniture is a crib, dresser, and twin bed. The crib can convert to a toddler bed if we need that option in the future. However, we went ahead and set up the twin bed so that once baby Lucy is ready to move out of our room, she can go in the crib and Benji can move into the twin bed. For now, the twin serves as a lounge/reading area. We snuggle up on the bed before his afternoon nap and before bedtime each night to read a few books. It’s a cozy and special time I look forward to each day, one of our exhales.

Rachel Winchester big boy bedroom

A lot of the decor was stuff we already had. I held onto those curtains for a long time, liking the pattern but not having a use for them. Then I thought to use them in this room, and I really like them. They tie in perfectly with the tapestry hanging behind the bed.

Jesse and I bought this southwestern tapestry at a local flea market while we were still dating. It was $20, and we each contributed $10 so it was going to be quite the fight if we ever broke up and one of us had to part with it! Thankfully, we got married and avoided that whole debacle! It was the piece that inspired me when designing the whole room, and I love the part of our story it incorporates. You’ve seen it before when I shared Benji’s nursery at our first house here and here.

Rachel Winchester big boy bedroom

Rachel Winchester big boy bedroom

There’s also a pretty consistent woodland animal theme going on.

When I was pregnant with Benji, the fox emerged as his spirit animal – it was a repeated theme – so we went with it. When I found the fox lamp, we had to incorporate it! The prints were a gift from my youngest sister. I love the playfulness of them. The animals with little silly features like a top hat on the squirrel and glasses on the fox, a backpack on the hedgehog! And the crib sheet is one of my favorite things. I stumbled upon it and immediately knew we had to use it! The sheet tied together all the colors from the tapestry while having the whimsical touch of the animals.

Rachel Winchester big boy bedroom

Rachel Winchester big boy bedroom

I’m so happy with how the room came together and especially glad we completed it early in December.

The main goal was to move Benji into his own room before having a second baby so that the two events were unrelated in his mind. The transition has been a huge success and set my heart at ease as we go into this next and much bigger transition of adding a second child!

Rachel Winchester big boy bedroom

If you’re interested in sources, here’s a list of all the sources:

Crib – Dream On Me Synergy 5 in 1 Crib (Amazon)
Twin Bedframe – Zinus 14″ MyEuro Smartbase (Amazon)
Dresser – family heirloom
Fox Lamp – Target
Black and White planter – Target
Faux Succulents – Target
Cowhide Rug – NuLoom via RugsUSA
Wicker planter – local vintage shop
Crib Bedding – Sweet Jojo Designs
Twin Bedding – Target (quilt + sheets)
Throw Pillows – Target
Macrame Wall Hanging – made by a friend
Tapestry – found at local flea market
Curtains – Threshold at Target from a few years ago
Curtain Rods – Lowes
Woodland Animal prints – Etsy shop
Metal Framed mirror – Target
Baskets – collected over the years from various places
Abacus – Ikea
Fox stuffed animal – Ikea
Mexican Blanket – WHIM Greenville

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    1. Beautiful, calming, comforting space! We have so much in common in the realm of parenting; I also have loved the wisdom behind the Simplicity Parenting book and lifestyle. Cheers to a New Year with lots of happiness and baby snuggles!

      1. Thanks so much, Sarah! I’m glad to find likeminded parents who’ve read Simplicity Parenting and other such books. Definitely looking forward to lots of baby snuggles!

      1. The paint color is Valspar’s Blanched Pine. We used it throughout the house.

    1. What a sweet room for your little man! You are so right about a more simplistic approach to raising children. Having less and scaling back choices is less stressful for children and for parents. My 4 children are grown adults now, but thinking back, our house was small and they had a lot of stuff – much of it from well meaning friends and relatives, but also in part due to my guilty feelings about working a lot and being gone so much. I feel like I spent more time shopping for them and organizing all that stuff than I did actually spending time with them. It sure is a regret of mine now. I’m sure we all would have been happier with less. ❤️

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