Baby Winchester #2 :: It’s a Girl!

The day of our ultrasound, Jesse had the day off work so we made a family day of it! We went to Greenville early to walk on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. We are lunch at a new restaurant, Happy & Hale, and then visited a antique shop to get a table and chair set for Benji’s bedroom.

For some reason, so many people close to us felt like this baby was a girl. Jesse from day one thought it was a girl. And two close friends told me multiple times how every time they envisioned me with a second baby, it was a girl. I had no inclination at all.

That is, until we started talking about names.

With Benji, I was all about boy names. That’s all I could think about. We decided on a girl name the first time around but it didn’t resonate with me the way Benjamin did.

And this time, it was that way with girl names. The more we talked through name ideas, the more strongly girl names resonated with me. And so, we weren’t at all surprised when the technician said, “It’s a girl!”

I had hopes of cute family pictures after we picked up Benji from my parents’ house. But no such luck!

The next morning, I finally got a few pictures of Benji smiling with the balloon.

He has no idea what is happening! But I think he will love having a constant friend and companion. He’s a huge extrovert and will have so much he wants to show and tell his little sister from day one!

We are excited to welcome a little girl into the family in 2018!

If I’m honest, I thought a brother close in age would be really fun for Benji. I have a sister about two years younger than me, and we are very close friends. But I hope he will enjoy having a sister just as much! Of course, he won’t know the difference and neither will we when she’s here.

My mom held on to a few pieces of clothing and a blanket I had as a baby. I used to sleep with this quilt and have always loved the colors and patterns in it.

As fun as boys are, I can’t wait to dress a little girl in clothes with a little frill and embroidery!

After all that talk about brainstorming baby names, you might be wondering if we have one yet.

We do!

Our little girl’s name will be Lucy.

We love somewhat antique names. And I especially like how playful Lucy sounds. But I can also see her growing into the name as she becomes a woman.

Now we are halfway to meeting our Lucy girl. What a happy day that will be!

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