18 Ways to Welcome Spring

Growing up, I remember not being fond of spring. I’m not sure the reason. Maybe the pollen, maybe the in-between nature of the weather. Maybe I wanted the school year to be over once and for all. Whatever it was, the excuses are leaving me, and the older I get, the more I appreciate all spring is physically and metaphorically.

Spring is beautiful, full of fresh air, new life, and the hope of beginning all over again.

As I have been embracing this season in a whole new way over the last few years, here are some ways that might help you welcome the season as well!

Bring in buds and blooms

When a tree in our back yard started to get buds, I brought it inside to savor that first sight of spring. And now that some bushes are in full bloom, I weekly gather cuttings to bring in the house. Free fresh flowers – doesn’t get much better than that! My personal favorite right now is spirea. I shared it with my sister who said it’s like a daisy and hydrangea which basically made me love it even more!

Rachel Winchester seasonal ways to welcome spring

Buy produce at a local stand

Look for a produce stand near you and support a local business. Chances are their produce is grown closer and more sustainably. Plus, produce stands oftentimes have goods from local farms you may not know exist! If you don’t know of a produce stand, check out the Local Harvest website to learn about farms, farmers markets and CSAs near you!

Plant a garden

To me, nothing is more appealing then being able to pick produce from our own garden. That way, we know how it’s grown and get to eat it at its freshest point. Whether you start big or small, with a few plants or enough to feed an army, consider planting a garden and growing your own food.

Add plants to your outdoor space

I love our front porch, but until it is brimming with plants, I will not be happy! Fresh greenery infuses so much life into a space, especially an outdoor space where you plan for many a relaxing night over the next few months.

Plant bulbs

A few weeks ago, I bought a ton of bulbs and planted them in a flower bed at the back of the house. Two reasons I love bulbs, 1. it’s miraculous when they begin to peek up from the ground after you buried them so deep in the ground, and 2. you literally plant them and forget about them until they surprise you with their green heads poking through the ground! It’s one of those metaphorically beautiful parts of spring for me!

Start an herb garden

Fresh herbs added to a meal add an extra kick of flavor and beauty. It’s even better when they come from your own garden, pot, or window box. Honestly, I’ve never had the greatest success with herbs, but this year, we planted some in a flower bed at the back of our house, and they seem to be doing really well. Be warned, if you plant mint, keep it separate from the rest of the bunch as it will overtake everything!

Clean out the closet

I cringe at the thought, but I have at least one closet that needs a good cleaning. Even though I hate the thought of it, I know it will feel better to have it done.

Air out rugs

Last week, I pulled up the rug in the dining room to air it out, and we decided to leave it out for a while. You might decide the same thing too!
Freshen up your favorite corner
Do you have a favorite sitting spot or nook in your house? Freshen it up with a new plant, a spring-like pillow cover, or fresh cut flowers in a vase.

Open the windows

There may be pollen in the air, but I love to open the windows anyway. After not being able to open windows the last two springs, now we can open every window in the house and let that fresh breeze blow right in. I love to see the curtains blow in the gentle breeze.

Incorporate florals

Whether with a throw pillow, the kitchen towel, or your favorite skirt, add florals to your line-up. They won’t disappoint! I recently hung a handmade tablecloth I’d been using on the dining table on the wall. I love the playful, feminine touch it adds to the room. Perfect for spring!

Wear a skirt or dress

No need for leggings and tights and layers of warmth. Bring out the skirts and dresses. ‘Tis the season! I never feel quite as feminine as when I am wearing a skirt or dress.

Lay in a hammock

Jesse bought me a hammock for my birthday last year, and I adore sitting in it on these milder days. It’s especially perfect on days when the wind gently blows and the hammock keeps rocking. Ahhhhh

Hang clothes outside

I’m dreaming of the day I can carry clothes out to the backyard and hang them up to dry. Our neighbor dries her laundry on a line, and I love the way it blows in the wind. Nothing beats that fresh air scent!

Go on a walk

Get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air! Now that we don’t have to bundle up, it’s easier to get outside. I usually try to get 8,000 steps a day, but I recently read an article about how maybe 15,000 steps a day should be our goal. I almost fainted at the thought! But, the days I take Benji on a walk, I often feel lifted from the active time outside. Walk around your neighborhood, down the street, or around a track near you!

Visit a local botanical garden or park

We have a botanical garden near us that I have visited maybe once. I want to change that this spring and visit it more frequently! There’s so much beauty and refreshment to be found surrounded by creation!

Start the summer tunes

Do you have music that feels like warm weather and more carefree days? As the weather warms up, I love to blast my favorite warm spring day tunes while driving down the road with the windows down. It’s so liberating after rolled up windows and cold weather.

Eat seasonally

In the last few years, I started to realize that all varieites of fruits and vegetables are not in season year-round. Different plants grow at different times. Revolutionary for this suburban girl who never gardened a day in her life! Since that realization, I have worked to be more consious about the food I buy at the grocery store. During college, I found a website that helped me become acquainted with what grew when. For someone who enjoys variety in her meal-planning and food prep, eating seasonally helps me stay interested in the food we eat!

What other ways might you welcome spring?

I hope you are soaking up every beam of sunshine and enjoying these cool mornings and warm days!

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